Wednesdays are now OYSTER WEDNESDAYS
at Wedmore Place and the Café Provençal!


In addition to our regular Happy Hour specials from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, we'll be serving up delicious Virginia Oysters for $1.00 all night long each and every Wednesday at the Pool Terrace and Wiley Minstrel Lounge at Wedmore Place!


Big Island Aquaculture

Bruce  Vogt – Big Island Aquaculture

Based in Gloucester, VA, about 25 miles east of The Williamsburg Winery, Big Island Aquaculture was founded by Daniel and his father Bruce Vogt in 1989.  The Vogt’s started cultivating oysters in 2010 and have since earned the reputation of providing some of the best oysters in the region.  

Big Island’s oysters are cultivated on Monday Creek, where the York River and Mobjack Bay meet the Chesapeake Bay.  This area is part of region seven — known as the Tidewater Region — on the Virginia Oyster Trail.  

In the waters around Big Island Aquaculture’s beds in Monday Creek, salinity levels can be as high as 30 ppt (compared to a high of 17 ppt in the upper Bay) so the oysters tend to be salty with a nice hint of sweetness.  


Big Island Aquaculture oysters are delicious, deep-cupped (from the process known as tumbling), and briny with a hint of sweetness and paired perfectly with a glass of bubbles and Acte 12 Chardonnay.

Tommy Leggett’s York River Oysters

Tommy Leggett is an iconic Virginia waterman. As the former head of the Oyster Recovery Project for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Tommy has been instrumental in the resurgence of the Virginia oyster industry.   

These beautiful oysters are grown in the clean waters of the York River, a tributary of the lower Chesapeake Bay, near the mouth by Yorktown where the salinity is around 20 to 22 parts per thousand.   Tommy Leggett’s renowned York River Oysters are moderately salty with a sweet finishing taste.

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