The boldest representation of each vintage year. Created in the Virginia
style, Adagio showcases the charm and elegance of the Old World in perfect
harmony with the adventurous spirit and freedom of the New. 

It's the melody that drives the Wessex Hundred experience.

"Of particular interest down south is Williamsburg's Adagio...Adagio is one of the Big Boys and it shows beautifully."

-Mark Squires, renowned wine critic for the Wine Advocate 

2017 Adagio

Varietals: 37% Tannat, 33% Petit Verdot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2017 is a wonderful reflection of a great vintage.  It is a richly complex wine with many layers.  There is a balance between the dark fruits of figs and dates along with the red fruits of raspberry and dark cherry.  There are additionally some nice hints of blueberry, rhubarb and cassis.  Next to the fruit aspect is an old world earthy character along with some cocoa, black olive and black pepper.  The tannins are gripping but approachable and the oak is wonderfully partnered with all the nuances.  I find this to be an exceptionally well-balanced wine that will age magnificently over the next decade or more.

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Reserve Wines

Made only in the finest vintages, the Reserve wines represent our winemaker's signature style.

2017 Virginia Trianon

Varietals: 77% Cabernet Franc, 23% Petit Verdot

This is a beautifully balanced wine with all the upfront fruit qualities and earthy character one would expect from a Cabernet Franc. The fruit has some lovely berry notes with some red and black cherry, along with some elegant dark fruits.  The wine finishes very clean with soft tannins and well integrated oak. There is a touch of brightness on the finish that creates a pleasant lingering effect with the fresh fruit. This may be the best Trianon to date. Try this with some lamb.

2017 Petit Verdot Reserve

Varietals: 100% Petit Verdot

A truly opulent wine showing bold rich layers of blackberry, dark cherry, currant and cranberry. The next layer shows some cocoa and vanilla. There are also some pleasant earth notes of suede, olives and a hint of eucalyptus. All these layers are wrapped in exquisite tannins and oak creating a wine with beautiful harmony. The finish lingers on the pallet for a long time while the fruit and oak embrace beautifully.  

2017 Gabriel Archer Reserve

Varietals: 41% Petit Verdot, 40% Cabernet Franc, 19% Merlot

This is an old-world style wine offering many layers of black and red cherries, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry which then go into a more aged fruit of figs, prunes and dates. Next to the fruit is some black olives, truffles, a touch of the forest floor and a hint of graphite. Behind these layers is a soft spice note of cinnamon/nutmeg. The oak is well structured with the fruit and earth notes. The tannins are big but very approachable. Overall the wine is very well balanced with a lot of old-world charm. This should age beautifully!

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2017 Merlot Reserve

Varietals: 100% Merlot

The 2017 Reserve Merlot is another great representation of the vintage. The bright, red fruit aspects of cherries, raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb and cassis are well integrated with some quieter elements of dried fruits. All the fruits are generously covered in a rich layer of chocolate. Woven together with the fruit and chocolate is an earthiness that also has a touch of minerality and vanilla, accentuated with a soft, perfume character. The finish is fruit forward with the oak and tannins well balanced and fresh. Will drink nicely now and for the next 10+ years. Drink more Merlot!

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