March 15, 2020

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant. 


March 14. 

But around Wessex Hundred, and especially at The Gabriel Archer Tavern, you know what else is constant? 


If you want to take a taste of The Williamsburg Winery home in honor of Pi Day...

January 18, 2020

What happens when you combine the fruit known to represent kindness and a sweet symbol of love and commitment? 

Raspberry Chocolate Pie. 

We recently dug into some old recipes from Williamsburg Winery Founder Patrick Duffeler and uncovered this sweet piece, perfect for a...

January 18, 2020

Bisque. See this on any menu and you know right away you’re getting something rich and thick. 

Cream based. 

A blend of satisfying flavors. 

And you’ll probably want to tell yourself it’s calorie free. 

But it doesn’t really matter. 

In the coldest winter months – and even...

January 14, 2020

As you may have noticed, every one of our corks send an important message to our friends – ENJOY LIFE! 

What better way to do just that than over a Sunday supper with those you love? 

Enjoy this Mushroom and Prosciutto Pasta recipe, pulled from the archives of Williamsbu...

November 2, 2019

For decades, The Williamsburg Winery Founder Patrick Duffeler has done more than facilitate the hand-making of wine. He’s hand-crafted and personalized Christmas cards each year for friends and family. 

The fronts often feature his own line art, the insides complete wit...

Happy Cinco de Mayo weekend! Whether you are planning on celebrating at home or going to a party, it’s hard to beat Chef Taylor’s simple but delicious Brisket Tostadas! The smokiness of the brisket is the perfect contrast to the freshness of the guacamole and salsa, wh...

Tacos and wine? Yes! It’s the perfect pairing you never knew existed, especially when it involves Petit Verdot and lamb.  Lamb and Petit Verdot have a special place in our hearts as it was this combination that lead to one of the most special relationships we have.  We...

This Sunday, March 31st is National Oysters on the Half Shell Day! In the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia, particularly in the Tidewater region, oysters can be enjoyed year-round thanks to our milder winters and abundant rivers. Waterways closer to the bay area prod...

It’s officially Rosé season! Chef David McClure has created a delicious dish to celebrate the flavors of springtime that pais perfectly with the new 2018 Wessex Hundred Dry Rosé. The Rosé not only serves as a great pairing for this fresh seafood dish, it’s also used in...

February 9, 2019

Perfect for this time of year, this recipe can be made using a Dutch Oven or slow-cooker and used for different preparations. We have served it over pasta, wrapped in tacos, stuffed inside homemade ravioli, in BBQ sandwiches. The possibilities are endless. For braising...

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